The manufacturing industry is a far-reaching industry, ranges from giant multinationals to small and medium manufacturers. These industrial manufacturers produce for industrial partners and manufacturers of goods that are closer to the consumer.

The manufacturing industry is diverse and moving at different speeds. While in general, digital transformation strategy has been missing and initiatives have been ad hoc. Things are changing in some areas but as we see a holistic picture is still missing and the goals remain relatively traditional and isolated. The manufacturing industry is always exposed to extremely uncertain and unpredictable situations owing to varying consumer spending/confidence, ever changing geo-political and macro-economic picture...

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Banking & Finance

The leaders in digital banking are the ones who move towards in being client-centric tech-savvy and inclusive are fundamentally changing to deliver best results. Most bank today want to become digital banking leaders. Digital banking is in the forefront to enable the banks in being client-centric.

The economic services provided by the financial institutions is imperative for the growth of an economy. The health of financial institutions is an indicator of the overall health of the economy. The critical issues such as compliance to ever-changing regulations, governance, cyber security, cost containment faced by these financial institutions today affect their entire business...

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Disruptive technologies and digital transformation have forced the leaders in insurance sector to rethink their strategic and tactical approaches towards growth and innovation of their organization. Implementing the latest technology within the organization is no longer a trend but a necessity.

Aging technology, increasing regulatory requirements, unending operational costs burden, competitive threats, need for global or local expansion are few among the many challenges that dictate for newer business models and significant IT transformation in the insurance industry...

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Due to increase in competition and technology evolution healthcare industry is facing a new challenge of providing best class services along with maintaining compliance of patients digital records. For the healthcare companies in the survey, the most important purpose of implementing cyber security and analytics technologies was to improve existing business operations.

The trends receiving most mentions, as making positive impact on the business, suggest that healthcase companies anticipated that digital technology would improve current processes as well as enable providers to adopt newer practice in care delivery...

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Social Media & Entertainment

The digital experience goes beyond just providing content. It also includes providing it on the device of choice as well as on demand. The industry will also have to contend with the monetisation across different platforms as well as devices, central to their existence.

It is being increasingly recognised that the digital experience cannot be delivered or monetised without multi-party collaboration. As a result, there is an upsurge in collaborative partnering–heralding the transformation of the E&M industry into a digital collaborative ecosystem...

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Retailers recognize there has been a massive power switch to the consumer and the need to deliver exceptional customer experience has become more important than ever.

The need to blur digital and physical experiences with in-store experiences as a crucial element and the de facto dissapearance of the borders between digital and physical already existing in the mind of the consumer and further enabled by the internet of things and the immersive experiences in virtual and augmented reality...

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Schooling to higher education programs, every level of our education system is affected by technology. With increased connectivity, speed and cloud-based storage capabilities, schools and colleges have an enhanced communication network that makes way for improved knowledge sharing.

Digital portfolios are becoming quite a rage among high school students who use it to demonstrate their knowledge and achievements and is now being widely used a strong tool for their admission procedure to college...

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Travel & Transportation

The impact of technology on the travel and tourism industry is enormous as it has not only provided convenience to the travellers but has also helped the travel and tourism industry to stay in touch with their clients.

Traveller’s now-a-days view their travel experience comprehensively and are very well connected with the digital transformations that are taking place. Expectations of guests for personalized services are propelling the travel, transportation, logistics and hospitality industry to provide the best of customer experiences...

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