In the last decade or more, smaller and nimbler banks have been adopting Digital Banking measures which has helped them become more client-centric, tech-savvy and inclusive, thereby delivering a great user-experience. This approach is being replicated by the larger and more conventional banks, creating a strong business case for Digital Banking and client-centricity.
Mobile Banking – The Game Changer
The proliferation of smart mobile devices with internet connectivity has given a huge boost to Mobile Banking and the digitization of banking. Reaching out to customers in real-time over the mobile has changed the entire outlook towards banking services. This has been further accelerated by the entry of e-commerce and mobile commerce players into the area of banking and payment services.

At Enmarq, we understand the transition traditional banks are going through. We help you embrace newer technologies and adapt smarter strategies to stay ahead of the game.

Highlights of our Mobile Banking Solutions

  • Ease of use: Easy to use interfaces, simple and smart visuals and services
  • Uptime: Be available to customers, stay responsive, increase interaction and improve customer relationships
  • Promotion: Improving the content and services generates higher web-traffic and improves sales. The value-added services also help attract a larger audience
  • Innovation: Adopt latest technologies and stay competitive

Agile Operating Models
People Engagement


The quality of services provided by Financial Institutions is imperative to the growth of an economy, and the health of financial institutions is an indicator of the overall health of the economy. Banking and Financial Services companies constantly face challenges such as compliance to ever-changing regulations, governance, cyber security and cost containment. The industry constantly strives to address risk and regulatory requirements, financial reporting issues, implementation of cost-saving technologies, the need for digitizing processes, talent acquisition and increasing demands from stakeholders. All these challenges are forcing financial institutions to rethink business strategies and adopt Digital Transformation.

At Enmarq, we help Financial Institutions with Digital Transformation in order to drive growth and create an environment of healthy disruption. Our solutions cover a vast spectrum of needs such as designing unique customer experiences that can help you maintain/regain your competitive edge, create a digital workforce of the future or deploy new digital assets to increase your operational efficiency.

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