The manufacturing industry is a vast ecosystem comprising players of various sizes, ranging from global multinational giants to smaller and more localized manufacturers. Manufacturing as an industry is always vulnerable to volatility arising from varying consumer spending and the ever-changing geo-political, macro-economic landscape.

As a result, today, manufacturing is moving from a mass production model to a mass customization model. This has created the need to design and deliver products at new levels of sophistication and innovation. This calls for Digital Transformation for the manufacturing industry. Digital Transformation enables more efficient production processes, stronger customer-centricity and new business models, resulting in increased efficiency, agility and reach.

Digital transformation in manufacturing: evolving towards the ‘as a service’ economy

At Enmarq, we help manufacturing enterprises with solutions that impact every aspect of your operations and supply chain. We will start by analyzing your current business processes across departments such as R&D, Procurement, Production, Warehousing, Logistics, Marketing, Sales and after-sales-Support. This spans the full spectrum of activities from equipment design, product design, production process improvement to ultimately, monitoring and improving the end-user experience.

Our digital continuity efforts in processes closely related to production will lead to closer, more efficient collaboration between engineering and production. For example, we will transform the way you share and manage product or engineering design specs on the cloud, by collaborating across geographies. Thereafter, we will extend these Digitization efforts to other departments such as Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales and HR.

Digital Evaluation of the Industry