The impact of technology on the Travel & Transportation (T&T) industry is enormous. It has brought convenience and enhanced user-experience for customers, while improved reach and profits for service providers. Further, with multiple age-groups of people hitting the travel circuit today, the customer demographic has changed significantly. Finally, with increasing scale of business for some T&T companies, the logistical challenges have multiplied several folds.

At Enmarq, we understand the needs and expectations of your tech-savvy customers, as well as your operational challenges. Our Digitization solutions for Travel & Transportation companies are aimed at delivering personalized services, improving logistics and providing the best of customer experiences.

“Digital platforms will be playing a key role in the logistics industry, allowing small companies to achieve a global reach while enabling them to compete with big companies. Digital transformation has a potential to create a higher value for society than just for one industry”

Our Services

Digital Transformation

Digitally engage with your customers and other stakeholders

BI Analytics

Obtain holistic, accurate and timely intelligence across locations globally

Process Automation

Increasing the automation of core internal business processes can help ease labor-intensive logistics operations, like digitizing procurement with e-auctions

Next-Generation Solutions

Eyeing future operational improvements via robotics, artificial intelligence, and even augmented reality can help further elevate a logistical organization’s operational efficiencies in distribution, warehousing, and picking and packing


  • Greater business agility as the critical information is available at the finger tips
  • Higher business growth through satisfied customers
  • Better customer focus with customer facing applications
  • Improved operational efficiency resulting from seamless flow of information