Lotus Notes to SharePoint

As a leading international manufacturing company, it is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the safety, quality and convenience of products we use every day. In partnership with the most respected brands in the world, the company develops vital products that protect everything from the food we eat, to medical supplies, to the touch screen device in our pockets, contributing to the lives of millions every day.

Business Situation

To migrate existing applications and data from lotus notes to a platform with more features and where applications could be easily accessible globally.

But they had several challenges to overcome to achieve this:

  • Outdated infrastructure/technology and high domino server licensing cost.
  • Coexistence between Notes and Exchange was a concern for IT department.
  • High production and maintenance cost with dedicated team for managing client server infrastructure.
  • Time consuming upgrades and requirement for dedicated notes developer resources.
  • Delays and long cycles of latest updates availability.
  • Limited and shrinking resource pool with the notes skillset.
  • With Notes, entering information was slow with a clunky UI.
  • Challenges in reporting which is mostly manual and cumbersome if data is to be analyzed from different sources.
  • Unavailability of the notes infrastructure for mobility devices.

Our Solution

Our approach to the challenges is in a phased manner.
The phases included:
  • System Study and Analysis.
  • Platform selection and migration planning.
  • Rebuild and development phase.
  • Testing Phase.
  • Data Migration and Quality assurance.
  • Training End users and Creating Help Documents.

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced the ease of doing business by providing fast, scalable, and easily upgradable platform with notes applications replicated as simple solution which were easy to understand and work with.
  • Now accessing data was fast, reliable and can be accessed globally.
  • Mobility was an additional feature available to users with SharePoint, which enables them to access apps anywhere any time using mobility devices like Mobiles & tablets connected over internet.
  • Built-In reporting and the custom views provided enriched experience to filter, sort and analyze data to make concrete decisions.