SFDC Migration

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Business Situation

With the business growing business standards company was unable to manage multiple org Salesforce due to the volume of information shared between countries. The company needed the ability to share information between countries and also ensure standardized business process is followed by each country. The company also needed the ability to consolidate the reports for management.

Following are the key challenges:

  • Consolidate Salesforce multi org structure to single org structure
  • Standardize business processes & proposal templates
  • Standardize services & product offerings
  • Share data with fine grained access control
  • Consolidate reporting for management

  • Our Solution

    Enmarq followed a structural approach to breakdown the issue in smaller problems and provide solutions:
    • Study and analyze the current environmental components and document the business process used by each country
    • Standardize the business process and the products
    • Develop object relationships, new business process and necessary permissions
    • Establish clear mapping between object from source to target
    • Assuring the minimum disruption to the business, performing data migration diligently during the non business hours in multiple batches
    • Improved data quality by cleansing the data and transformed into usable format for the new process
    • Setting up automation for workflow management, email deliver-ability, identify the key accounts, contacts, etc.
    • Developed an automation framework to validate data integrity
    • Developed multiple informatica jobs across multiple object for smooth data migration retaining the actual object relationships
    • Automated scripts for post migration validations and testing.
    • Implemented an optimized plan for agile environment