Application Development & Management

At Enmarq, we understand the intricacies involved in the product lifecycle. We can develop turnkey software applications, right from proof-of-concept stage up to launch; or build new modules for an existing product. This way, we help customers stay focused on product definition, management and marketing while ensuring their product development needs are fulfilled in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner.

As a trusted technology advisor, we aim to understand our clients’ vision for their products and help execute this vision with expertise. Our expertise incorporates a rich legacy of engineering excellence, high-quality talent, flexible engagement models and global delivery capabilities. All these factors pave the way for high-quality, innovative and robust products that act as catalysts in your organization’s growth story.

Application Re-Engineering

As businesses evolve with time, it becomes imperative to modernize the technology environment to factor new business models, new technologies, new groups of customers and new compliance needs.

At Enmarq, we help leverage the benefits of upgrading your traditional systems to next-generation digital platforms without modifying the core structure or business logic. Our proven methodologies such as phase-wise project planning and execution enables us to undertake product development, system integration and support, while enhancing the reliability, security and innovativeness of your applications.

Salesforce Development and Support

The right cross-cloud CRM solution, integrated through the entire digital value chain, can drive immense value from previously untapped areas of a business. As the leading cloud-based CRM platform in the world, Salesforce provides enterprises an engagement layer for sales, service and marketing that goes beyond customer expectations.

At Enmarq, we help organizations in planning, designing, and implementing complete Salesforce® based business solutions. This will transform the way you interact with and manage your customers, products, partners, and even employees.

Transform and Modernize

In a hyper-competitive world, business organizations are plagued by pressures such as eroding margins and rapidly changing business models. At Enmarq, we understand the challenges businesses face from time to time.

Our Transform and Modernize services are aimed at modernizing your apps and reducing your time-to-market. We will thoroughly examine your existing technology environment to determine the best approach for modernization. We will employ new paradigms such as Containers, Microservices and DevOps that are known to deliver speed and simplicity.

Data Security

Data is a crucial resource of any organization, and if it is lost, compromised, or stolen, the effects on the business can be devastating. At Enmarq, we appreciate the need to have systems in place to protect data—whether at rest or in transit—from unauthorized access.

Data at rest is stored physically, for example, in a database, data warehouse, tapes, off-site backups, or on mobile devices and protected through encryption. Our Data Security services ensure your data is safe and protected from involuntary disclosure in case of loss or theft.

Key components of Data Security

  • Data Protection
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Classification and Data Activity Monitoring
  • Data Privacy and Regulations