Business Intelligence and Analytics

With the technology transformations / evolutions data being collected from various business applications in structured, unstructured, semi-structured – carrying critical information is soaring in volume. The rapid growth of information is leading to the problem of extracting the useful information from the variety of data. Data collected will need to be organized, managed, controlled, enriched, governed, measured, and analyzed. Business Intelligence and Analytics addresses these challenges by giving the right information to organizations to sharpen and accelerate decisions making.

Enmarq’s Business Intelligence and Analytics services / solutions help you in extracting critical performance indexes, generate useful business insights and help customers becoming more customer centric in their operations.

  • Data Governance
    Our data governance strategy and implementations result in improved reliability, traceability and authenticity of data and provide a common communication platform across all the stakeholders. The data governance strategy includes people, policy and tools / technology used for data quality management, metadata management, master data management and data security.

  • Master Data Management
    As your organization – and the amount of data it produces and collects – grows, so does the chance for error. Our Master Data Management (MDM) implementations, help you not only create a centralized repository for critical master data that allows for fast and efficient access, you implement a set of data governance standards to ensure the data is kept reliable, consistent, and accessible to those who need it, when they need it.
  • Analytics
    With our expertise in handling large volume of data we focus in delivering critical business insights helping organizations answer questions What happened, When did it happen, Why did it happen? These insights often help in making critical business decisions. Our expertise in data science, machine learning and predictive analytics helping in early trend detection.
  • Data Lake
    Data lakes are designed to store structured, unstructured, semi-structured data in raw format that can meet big data challenges and drive new levels of real-time analytics. Data lake solutions help in gaining 360-degree views of information cross-department, office or regional analytics etc. Our expertise on SQL queries, big data analytics, full text search, real-time analytics, and machine learning help you to uncover critical business insights.
  • Traditional DW & Data Visualizations
    Data warehouse is a centralized source that stores data from multiple information sources and converts them into a collective, multidimensional data prototype for efficient enquiry and investigation at any given time.
Enmarq’s has a team of experienced consultants who are able to understand your business problems, and then develop customised solutions to solve your business problems. We are able guide you in every step of your Data and Analytics strategy and recommend the best suitable tools and technology to support your strategy. We will also provide clear documented instructions which will help you understand your the attributes that form a key part of developing metrics to gauge and guide your success on Operational, Customer and Business Efficiency.

“Analytics is not an Afterthought, get real time Insights”

Services Offered

Our business analytics offerings helps customer to meet the demands of today and plan for tomorrow and quickly realize tangible business benefits.