DevOps Security

Enterprise application security has traditionally not been embraced by software developers — they have historically been incentivized to place a higher value on the fast delivery of new features and functions. Additionally, secure web application development testing tools do not tend to integrate easily with classic development tools and processes.

With DevOps, however, the pain of security testing can be more easily mitigated. Security in DevOps can be built through automated testing at critical points throughout the development lifecycle. Security in DevOps is no longer the domain of security experts with specialized knowledge, but simply a routine part of the delivery process. By integrating security into DevOps, developers can easily and routinely produce software that is free of flaws, helping to accelerate timelines and improve the quality of each release.

The DevOps approach gives infosec groups an opportunity to integrate security earlier in the software development and deployment process, as long as they’re willing to accommodate the cultural changes that come with the territory.

Enmarq offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for integrating security and DevOps. Enmarq Web Application Scanning offers a unified solution for finding and inventorying web applications, helping to simplify compliance with regulatory frameworks like Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI 6.5. Enmarq Vendor Application Security Testing provides a scalable program for managing third-party software risks. Enmarq also offers Developer Training, Web Application Perimeter Monitoring, Runtime Protection and Software Composition Analysis, providing developers with all the tools they need to successfully manage security in DevOps.

“DevSecOps is being driven by the priorities of software quality and security, compliance requirements and avoiding risk.”


Percentage of organizations that say lack of automated, integrated security testing tools is the top challenge for DevSecOps


Percentage of organizations that will have more than 500 nodes in the CI/CD toolchain by 2020


Percentage of organizations that deploy code changes in hours or days

Data Insights: DevSecOps Services and Business Impact

Global DevSecOps Market Forecast
  • USD 5.9 billion by 2023
  • 31.2% CAGR
Median-mean ratio of app scans required with DevSecOps annually
Firms consider security integration throughout software development
Speed of DevSecOps programs over traditional practices in fixing flaws
Of mature DevOps firms likely to integrate automated security
Higher profit growth with DevSecOps as per software security experts
Dev teams likely to implement DevSecOps practices by 2021
IT firms practice some DevSecOps elements, as of 2018
Performance rate of DevSecOps firms in outpacing competitors

Enmarq helps you build security into DevOps

DevOps isn’t just about tools. It’s about people, processes, and technologies coming together to deliver better software efficiently. Enmarq helps you integrate security end to end.

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