Digital Assurance and Testing

Digital Assurance and Testing solutions address the multi-faceted needs of digital transformation testing. At Enmarq, we assure digital transformation by conducting comprehensive testing across your digital value chain encompassing digital marketing, web portals, web content, digital assets, web analytics, and the entire digital ecosystem encompassing cloud, mobility, big data, and connected devices.

Our Digital Assurance solutions draw on our vast experience in the digital domain and leverages value-adding elements such as reusable test assets and in-house suite of testing tools and accelerators. These solutions transcend functional validation of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud stack (SMAC) and promise a high degree of interoperability, network capability, performance, and security for your enterprise.

Digital Business Assurance

At Enmarq, we have developed checklists, frameworks, processes, testlets, methodologies and best practices to successfully implement digital transformation. These elements ensure effective and efficient validations of text, images, and videos of applications across devices. Our methodologies, techniques, and specialists ensure that your apps are thoroughly validated for user experience (UX) and cover responsive web design patterns, screen resolutions, accessibility, usability, content, navigation, etc.

We also leverage related services including test automation, performance testing, and security testing to ensure faster time-to-market for all your digital initiatives.

    Dev TestOps

    Quality and Speed are equally critical in the current businesses environment, to stay successful. To assure both these aspects, leading organizations leverage the increasing synergy between development teams and operations teams through an integrated DevOps model.

    At Enmarq, we can help you adopt a DevOps culture and deploy DevOps tools and practices that ensure continuous collaboration and delivery in your technology environment.

      Digital Asset Reliability

      Security testing is absolutely critical for an organization’s development strategy. This is due to the proliferation of privacy breaches that an organization can face today.

      At Enmarq, we adopt the latest industry standards and testing methodologies in order to effectively address your security testing needs.