Corporate Compliance Management [GRC]

enCircle is compliance management system where organisations can define their own structured set of guidelines for maintaining accordance with the established regulations, specifications and legislation.

enCircle supports following divisions:
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Division
  • Regulatory Compliance Division
  • Assurance- related Risk and regulatory Compliance Division
  • Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Division
  • Regulatory and Compliance Division
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Digital Connect

Connecting Business Together

Our convenient and easy-to-use online solutions enable you to position your firm as a leader with a professional, customized website and the ability to offer secure portals to your clients to instantly exchange documents and data.

'Digital Connect' platform streamlines the service delivery through advanced case management, powerful business process automation, a rich knowledge base, personalized self-service portals and deep analytics. It provides trusted workspace for secure information sharing, collaboration and process integration across global networks along with, to manage multiple entities, multiple service lines, multiple countries and multiple time zones.
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Manage your cloud with enCloud

As organizations have expanded cloud appropriation in the course of the last few years, public cloud spending has now become a significant portion of enterprise IT budgets. While the advantages of the cloud are clear, the on-request nature of cloud utilizes frequently brings about uncontrolled cloud costs, requiring a totally new way to deal with overseeing and streamlining spending. You can organize and optimize your cloud costs with enCloud.

Enterprise IT is realizing that businesses want cloud services in self-service, subscription-based models, instead of the traditional request-based model. This creates an additional burden of managing subscriptions with the different cloud providers that may lead to a further rise of shadow IT.
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Enterprise Analytics

A Corporate Governance Platform

Enterprise analytics enables to perform data governance, integration, warehousing and visualize in different reporting platform according to the local environment.

Enterprise analytics features the following:

  • Connect with consumers, stakeholders, partners and employees
  • Enhance operations and simplify processes
  • Advanced hybrid IT operations analytics platform
  • Plug and play to any source
  • Agile integration
  • Real time and interactive analytics
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