Corporate Compliance Management (GRC)

enCircle is compliance management system where organisations can define their own structured set of guidelines for maintaining accordance with the established regulations, specifications and legislation.

Core Values of enCircle

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Division
  • Functionality to embed controls testing via automated workflow
  • Embedded workflow controls monitoring within regular processes and automated testing boundaries and exception-based alerts
  • Functionality to generate easy-to-use and drill-down management reports
  • Enhanced decision-making capability based on validated business information
  • Reduced cost of managing business risk and potential for growth in shareholder value
  • Ongoing real-time monitoring and the potential for accelerated follow-up on exceptions
  • Enhanced capability to generate progress reports and decision-making dashboards
  • Ability to integrate with multiple compliance frameworks and into the existing IT environments
  • Capability to automate fact-finding for transaction analysis and exception resolution

Secure your business with enCircle

Core Componets

Asset Repository

Audit Management

Connectors to collect Artifects

Centralize Policy Management

Multi Level Entity Management

Role-based Access

Real Time Compliance View

Report & Real Time Dashboard

Flexible Workflow

Question Bank