Improve Business Performance and Enhance Customer Experience

Since the early 1990s, the Media & Entertainment industry has been evolving rapidly to keep pace with technology and changing expectation of consumers. The industry which was heavily dominated by print and television broadcasting till the 90s is now embracing multiple devices and internet-based channels of communication such as social media. New business models are emerging in order to serve and monetize high-quality content delivered on various devices and channels.

At Enmarq, we understand the needs and challenges faced by new-age M&E companies. We have the necessary experience and expertise with digital tools that will help you create, produce and distribute content digitally. We will also help you streamline your processes and simplify your business operations. Further, we can enable better collaboration, between you and various entities in the creative value chain, for seamless content creation and consumption.

Our Solutions and Services

  • Data Analytics and Real-time Content Management: We will help you with Data collection and analytics across many channels and devices that will derive better consumer insights, and help you deliver meaningful experiences to your consumers.
  • Mobile and Social: We will help you achieve continuous and instant access to information from social media, in order to manage your online reputation and process real-time feedback from consumers.
  • Digitization of back-end processes: We can help you digitize catalogs and inventories, launch new rights management systems and write algorithms to create content.