Data Warehousing Solution

One of the financial service provider that operates the infrastructure of financial centre in Europe, who develops and maintains securities trading and post-trading platforms provides financial information and sells cashless payment systems.

Business Situation

The company wanted a detailed visibility of their security systems and operations across different sites, to understand the efficiency of their security systems and operations and to improve their security systems dynamically.

But they had several challenges to overcome to achieve this:

  • Integration – Security data from different environment and systems and incident management systems across the organization was the challenge to integrate with restricted access
  • Centralize – They were in need of secure, dynamic data management system to manage their security and operations data and consolidate to standardize without hampering the current security systems and process.
  • Confidence – Adopt the new data management system without any risk and warehouse securely maintain data integrity
  • Automation – Wanted a modern, standardized, dynamic data repository strategy and reporting platform

Our Solution

Enmarq enabled continuous integration and deployment strategy to deliver dynamic solution, faster and at a reduced total cost. This involved streamlining the agile development and testing process, leveraging automation wherever possible with modern capabilities.

* Provided holistic continuous delivery partnership

  • Expertise (SMEs), capabilities (models/Frameworks)
  • Across the entire enterprise value stream (from opportunity identification to product release)
Covered full breadth of software delivery platforms to support all customers

  • Agile development methodology
  • Cloud environment infrastructure
  • Flexible .Net solution for integration for security data systems and incident management systems
  • Simple and robust architecture using Microsoft services for data management system
  • Live and interactive reporting platform for the end users to make decisions using real time statistics and analytics
Provided continuous delivery as a service

  • Pipeline analysis/design architecture
  • Regular code review and approach analysis
  • Continues and agile testing to ensure a seamless end-user experience and business process continuity
* Provided integration of continuous delivery practice with agile & devOps

Business Benefits

Enmarq has enabled the company to be rapid innovation, objective thinking and the highest quality standards also, our solution has helped to reduce the operational costs, speed cycle time and increase customer satisfaction.