SharePoint Administration

We at Enmarq provide SharePoint administration duties which typically include installing, configuring and upgrading SharePoint systems, managing system operations and services, helping to train and support business users on SharePoint usage and backing up SharePoint data. In some cases, a SharePoint administrator may also oversee the SQL Serverdatabase that supports Sharepoint.

Business Challenges
  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance of SharePoint Farm
  • Centralized L3 support for SharePoint applications
  • Disaster recovery
  • End user training for SharePoint
  • Migration of SharePoint 2007/2010 to SharePoint 2013
The Solution
  • Dedicated monitoring and maintenance of SharePoint Farm
  • Dedicated L3 support for SharePoint users.
  • Working on configuring Data Protection Manager for SharePoint
  • End user training plan under process
  • Working on pre-requisite , planning of SharePoint upgrade